School Leadership Team

 Responsible for
 Mr Jon Nunes         Headteacher  
 Mr Ben Houghton  Deputy Headteacher  Curriculum and Student Progress
 Mr Paul Conkie  Deputy Headteacher  Timetables, Data and Reports
 Mr Daniel East  Assistant Headteacher  Behaviour and 'Return to Learn Centre'
 Mrs Isobel George               Assistant Headteacher  Teaching School
 Mr Martin Sills  Assistant Headteacher  Inclusion, Interventions and Safeguarding
 Mr Paul Stephens  Assistant Headteacher  Reward and Behaviour Support
 Mrs Wendy Farrier  School Business Manager         Financial Management and School Site

 Heads of Unit

 Miss Jo Leighton                 Head of Year 7
 Mr Mark Newall  Head of Cotswold House
 Mr Martin Sills  Head of Mendip House
 Mr James Hobbs  Head of Sedgemoor House  
 Mrs Sally Palser  Head of Quantock House
 Mr Adam Moore  Head of Year 12
 Mr Toby Rome  Head of Sixth Form and Year 13
Mrs Pamela Gregory  SEN Coordinator

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 Teaching Staff 2016-17

 Support Staff 2016-17

 Tutor Groups 2016-17