All letters sent home during the current academic year that are still relevant are listed here in date order.  Note that we email parents once a week with a list of letters that have been issued during the course of that week.  Please email if you would like to receive email updates.

Subject Addressed to: Date
Head's Bulletin : July 2017 Parents/Carers of all studentsJuly 2017
A Level French Course Book Parents/Carers of Year 12 French studentsJuly 2017
Berlin Trip 2018 Parents/Carers of Year 12 History students
July 2017
GCSE Triple Science in Year 10 Parents/Carers of Year 9 students who will be following the Triple Science route in SeptemberJuly 2017
Year 11 GCSE Geography Fieldwork Parents/Carers of Year 10 Geography studentsJuly 2017
GCSE German
Parents/Carers of Year 9 students taking GCSE German from September 2017July 2017
Sixth Form Bulletin 14.7.17 Parents/Carers of Year 12 studentsJuly 2017
GCSE Dance Parents/Carers of Year 9 students choosing to take GCSE Dance as an extra option from September 2017July 2017
Proposed Year 13 Trip to Berlin - Monday, 22 to Friday, 26 January 2018 Parents/Carers of Year 12 History studentsJuly 2017
Science in Year 9
Parents/Carers of Year 8 studentsJuly 2017
Mathematics Setting in Year 10
Parents/Carers of Year 9 studentsJuly 2017
Group Music Theory Lessons
Parents/Carers of students interested in taking group Music Theory lessonsJune 2017
2017 Year Book Parents/Carers of Year 11 studentsJune 2017
Ski Trip 2018 Parents/Carers of students taking part in 2018 Ski TripJune 2017
Head's Bulletin : May 2017
All parents/carersMay 2017
Year 12 Key Dates and Important Events : Term 6 Parents/Carers of Year 12 studentsMay 2017
Spanish Exchange 2017/18 Parents/Carers of students who will be following Spanish in Years 10, 11 and 12 from September 2017May 2017
Consultation letter re developing a MAT relationship between schools in the area Parents/Carers of all studentsMay 2017
Ski Trip 2018 Parents/Carers of Years 10, 11 and 12 studentsApril 2017
Headteacher's Bulletin : April 2017 Parents/Carers of all studentsApril 2017
Backwell School Uniform Parents/Carers of Years 7 to 10 studentsApril 2017
Year 11 Key Dates Parents/Carers of Year 11 studentsMarch 2017
Enrichment Week 2018 Parents/Carers of current Year 8 studentsMarch 2017
School Fund Donation
Parents/Carers of all studentsMarch 2017
Year 12 Reporting and Examination Dates Parents/Carers of Year 12 studentsFebruary 2017

Backwell School and Multi-Academy Trusts: an update
 Year 12 Reporting and Examination Dates 
Parents/Carers of all Backwell studentsJanuary 2017
World Challenge Expedition to Sumatra in 2018 Current Year 11 and Year 12 students and their parents/carersJanuary 2017
Headteacher's Bulletin : December 2016 Parents/Carers of all studentsDecember 2016
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 2016-18 : Gold Level Parents/Carers of students taking part in the D of E Gold AwardOctober 2016
A New Educational Landscape Parents/Carers of all studentsOctober 2016
Backwell School New Uniform Parents/Carers of Years 7 to 11 studentsMay 2016

Useful documents

Parent Information - Computing Courses Parents/Carers of GCSE and A Level Computing studentsSeptember 2016
Backwell School ICT Behaviour Policy Parents/Carers of all studentsSeptember 2016
Procedure for students arriving late or leaving school early  Parents/Carers of all students November 2014
Request for Holiday Absence  Parents/Carers of all students November 2014
Home-to-School Transport: Replacing a bus pass Parents/Carers of students eligible for Home-to-School transport