The school’s governing body consists of: three staff governors, six parent governors, six governors appointed by the governing body and the Headteacher. All categories of governor are appointed for a term of four years.

The agenda for the most recent meeting and minutes of the previous Board meeting are available here.    Parents interested in the work of the governors or in becoming a governor are welcome to telephone the school for more information.


Board Minutes

Board of Governors' Meetings 2018/19

Wednesday 12 September 2018
Wednesday 17 October 2018
Wednesday 12 December 2018
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Wednesday 27 March 2019
Wednesday 22 May 2019
Wednesday 26 June 2019

All meetings start at 7.00 pm.


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Annual Report and Accounts for period ended 31 December 2017 

Annual Report and Financial Statement to 31 December 2017


Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

Annual Report and Financial Statements for period ending 31 August 2017 

Final Audit Report and Findings - Year Ended 31 August 2017

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Current governors:

Mr Jon Nunes

Mrs Tania Doe
Parent Governor (Re-elected 19 November 2018)

Tania Doe lives in Yatton and has three children at the school.  She became a governor in 2014 and is particularly interested in how the school supports students learning in a world that is becoming ever more technology focussed, children who find school harder than most, and making sure that the school is making sensible, financially sustainable decisions.  She works managing Technology Procurement at EE/BT.

  Mrs N Gumm
Staff Governor (Elected 16 September 2016)


  Mr Charles Hatcher
Appointed Governor  (Appointed 13 September 2010)

Mrs Fiona Harper (Vice Chair of Governors)
Appointed Governor (Appointed 9 July 2014)

Fiona Harper lives in Long Ashton and her daughter attended the school.  Fiona served as Parent Governor from 2009 to 2013 and is now very pleased to become an Appointed Governor.  She is particularly interested in curriculum issues, Modern Languages and Safeguarding.  She works as a Teaching Assistant at Northleaze School where she is also a Staff Governor. Fiona is Chair of the Curriculum Committee and is the governor responsible for Safeguarding and Child Protection.


Mrs Amanda Hayden
Appointed governor  (Appointed 11 December 2013)

Amanda Hayden lives in Nailsea and has two children at Backwell School.  She became a governor in December 2013 and is particularly interested in curriculum issues.  She runs her own clothing company.


  Mrs Sarah Henderson
Elected by parents  (Elected 8 July 2015)

Sarah lives in Backwell.  She has two children at the school and another at West Leigh Infants.  She is a qualified solicitor and has worked for the Crown Prosecution Service in Bristol and volunteered as a legal adviser with Comic Relief.  Having recently completed an MA in Writing for Young People, she is a children's writer and is passionate about the importance of maintaining young people's interest in reading through their teenage years and beyond.
Mr Darran Lewis
Elected by staff  (Elected 27 September 2018)

Mr Mark Mayler
Appointed Governor  (Appointed 21 September 2011)

Mark Mayler lives in Nailsea and has a son and a daughter attending the school.  Mark was appointed in September 2011.  He works for BT plc as a Senior Finance Manager and is particularly interested in the school's finance and buildings issues.  He also has a personal interest in science and technology.  Mark is Chair of the Finance and Buildings Committee. 

Mr Huw Parker
Appointed Governor  (Appointed 2 October 2012)

Huw Parker lives in Backwell and has two daughters at Backwell School.  A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Corps of Engineers, he works at the MOD in Abbey Wood, Filton.  He was elected by parents in October 2012 and is keen to use his experience to support both the Behaviour and the Finance and Buildings Committees.

Mrs Jacci Ramplin  (Chair of Governors)
Appointed Governor  (Appointed June 2001)

Governor responsible for Looked After Children

  Mr Tim Seal
Elected by parents (Elected January 2018)

Tim Seal lives in Bristol and has two daughters at the school.  He became a governor in January 2018 and is interested in all aspects of school life.  He works as a specialist construction law solicitor.

Mrs Mary Short
Elected by parents (Elected 27 May 2016)

Mary Short lives in Backwell and has one daughter at the school.  She is a Finance Director as Sustain based in Bristol.  She became a parent governor in May 2016 and is keen to support the school in curriculum issues and use her experience to support Finance and Buildings.

  Mr Joe Swanson
Elected by parents (Elected 29 January 2016)

Joe Swanson has two children at school and is heavily involved in rugby as a player and coach at Nailsea and Backwell and helps run the local Touch Rugby club.  He works for Hargreaves Lansdown, meeting many different businesses in a wide range of industries and is keen to bring that experience to Backwell School.  He is also keen to support the school with its sporting and extra-curriculuar programme and is a firm believer in the potential for non-academic activities to raise the self-esteem and well-being of every child.
  Mrs Lorraine Wakeford
Elected by parents (Elected January 2018)

Lorraine Wakeford lives in Yatton and has one daughter at the school.  She became a governor in 2018 and is particularly interested in science, engineering and music.  Lorraine co-owns a Pharmaceutical Consultancy limited business based in Yatton handling safety and efficacy issues for a range of medicinal products.  She is a member of two local choirs and enjoys hiking and making chutney.
  Mr Richard Willcox
Elected by staff  (Elected 20 March 2018)

Richard lives in Yatton and both his daughter and son attended Backwell School prior to university   He works in the IT Department at school  supporting both staff and students.